What's included

What's included in your Harp 2.0 Course:

  • Continued technique reminders

  • Play hands together

  • Brackets: playing thumb and 2nd finger together

  • Repair points and the best ways to practice

  • Learn exercises and corresponding songs

  • Student-Teacher Chat

    Have questions or concerns? Reach Elizabeth easily and quickly to help you in your harp journey.

  • Budget Friendly

    The price of one in-person lesson typically costs $45-65. Get more bang for your buck in these harp video lessons created with you in mind.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Hands Together (2nd Finger)

    • Hands Together (2nd Finger)

    • Doorbell

    • Exercise #1

    • Echo

    • Exercise #2

    • My Harp Song

    • Exericise #3

    • Mountain Time

  • 3


    • Brackets

  • 4

    First and 2nd Finger

    • First and Second Finger

    • Wooden Shoe Dance

    • Exercise #1

    • Making Connections

  • 5

    Repair Points

    • Repair Points

  • 6

    First and 2nd Finger Together Continued

    • Exercise #2

    • Making Connections 2

    • Exercise #3

    • Cuckoo

    • My Heart Will go on (A)

    • My Heart Will go on (B)

    • My Heart Will go on (C)

    • My Heart Will go on (D)

    • My Heart Will go on (Final)

  • 7


    • End of Course Video

    • End of Course Survey


Harp Instructor

Elizabeth Louise

Harpist Elizabeth Louise has been teaching harp to students of all ages, both online and in-person. Get the same quality teaching with the freedom to start, stop, and access the course at your leisure. Elizabeth has a Bachelors and Masters of Arts in Music; harp performance. She is a graduate of Interlochen Arts Academy and is the former full-time harpist for Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.